I have always had a passion and interest in cooking and trying new dishes, through regular exercise and a balanced diet I have always wanted lots of flavour so started to make my own spice blends. My Grandfather opened the first spice shop in Nottingham in the 1950’s. This was located on Shelton Street in the heart of the city and he supplied a range of spices and blends to a developing community and rising demand for alternative flavours. All my family spoke of it but none continued his work or developed it further.  Through discussions with my wife, we realised the range of blends I had started to create were really good and offered something superior to shop bought offerings. We decided to launch Freshly Spiced to promote healthy, easy meals, packed with natural spices for flavour. 

All kits are made from scratch, toasted slightly to bring out flavour and then ground into aromatic blends. The aim is also to avoid customers having lots of spice jars stored in their kitchen which they never use. We offer two sizes in most blend’s. A 25g serving which is ideal for a family of four and ideal to introduce yourself to the flavours. We also offer a 50g serving, again not too large as we want to ensure the flavours are kept fresh. All of the blends are Vegan friendly and all recipes can be adapted to suit your needs.

We also offer ground spices such as cumin, coriander and turmeric to allow customers to try the freshest spices and see the difference from store bought alternatives.

We always like to hear from our customers and encourage them to share recipes, success stories and any feedback to help us to continually develop our range and recipe library.