Fish Kofta Recipe Video

Try our Spicy Fish Kofta Recipe using our natural Tandoori Inspired Spice Blend. Our Video recipe is now live, you can see the full range at our Youtube Channel You can purchase the blend here:

New Blend! Ras El Hanout

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We wanted to create an authentic blend to really bring out the North African flavours. Our Ras El Hanout blend is a mix of 15 fresh spices to form a fragrant, versatile blend.  This is great for tagines, stews, marinades, rubs … Read More

New Labels

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We’ve finally updated our labels to reflect the fact all of our blends are vegan friendly. Now our blends do not mention meat (Jerk Chicken), rather just saying what the blend is.  We’re really happy with the outcome and the … Read More

Healthy Breakfast ideas!

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Our spice blends offer a range of recipes and many can be used to create many different dishes.  Our Spiced Ice Cream Blend is perfect for sprinkling on your morning porridge, keeping it nice and healthy whilst getting and flavour … Read More

Tandoori Video Recipe!

Our easy Tandoori recipe video is now live on Youtube, also in the product section of the Tandoori blend.  Really simple to follow and offers a tasty balanced meal.  The chicken can be changed for Quorn or Tofu if following … Read More

Recipe Videos now live!

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Over the festive period we had a couple of days filming recipe videos, this was something we wanted to do for a while but were keen on getting the right quality and style.  We’re very pleased with the outcome, with … Read More