How many servings will you get per 25g bag?

We aim to give value for money, therefore our 25g bags will give at least a family of 4 serving. Some will give more than that depending on your serving sizes. The 25g bags are a great way to get into our products, whilst ensuring you get the freshest spices.


What makes our blends different?

All of our blends are made from scratch, toasted off lightly to bring out the full flavour of the spices and then ground to form aromatic blends.

There are no additives or preservatives and our focus is on providing really fresh spices, healthy recipes and some unique flavours and ideas to help you plan your weeks food.

Also all of our blends can be used in different ways, for instance our jerk blend goes great on salmon.

Most spices from supermarkets have additives or extras in that are not natural and are usually there to create a different flavour or make sure they last a long time.

You will often find the spices are mass produced and do not hit the shelves for several months. For a ground spice this means most of the potency has decreased greatly as they are best during the first 3-6 months to ensure full flavour and any health benefits. 

We grind our spices regularly to ensure customers get a really fresh product.



You can find a recipe for each of our blends on the site. These are focused on ease and a few fresh ingredients to create really tasty meals. 

All the recipes are printer friendly.



We aim to despatch all orders within 1 working day. Our delivery should take between 2-3 days, often quicker. 


Our Products

We take pride in producing all our blends and spices ensuring our standards are maintained across the board. We do have a few products containing brown sugar, this is prone to sticking together so you may find tiny lumps if the spice has been left for a while.

This is fine and can be mixed in quite easily. As stated we do not add any additives to prevent things like this, these are all natural.

Also as our focus is on drying spices, toasting and grinding we do try and stick with certain suppliers so we can monitor the whole spice traceability.

However, for our paprika and smoked paprika we do not have a supplier for paprika peppers, therefore this is the only product we add to certain blends that has been pre-ground.

With this in mind we focus on using suppliers that match our quality and focus on clean spices so we can keep our standards high.