Photo of Deluxe Spice Blend Tin Set & Beeswax Wrap Medium Kitchen pack
Deluxe Spice Tin Set & Beeswax 3 Combo Pack

A pack to cover multiple meals, containing 6 spice blends specifically with healthy meals in mind paired with the amazing Beeswax Wrap Co’s 3 Combo Pack of Beeswax Wraps.

Create a range of amazing spicy meals and keep them fresh naturally with these Beeswax Wraps.

This pack includes:

  • Garam Masala
  • Fajita
  • Tandoori
  • Jerk
  • Kebab
  • Ras El Hanout

Comes in 25g Pouch, providing 2 people around 3 servings

Check out our recipe page and feel free to create your own dishes and share with us.

All blends are great with various meats or as vegetarian dishes.

Order dispatched within one working day, delivery up to three working days

Beeswax Wrap 3 Combo Pack

We have chosen the 3 Combo pack as it offers a great range of sizes to cover most day to day requirements, whether that be wrapping your lunch, covering a bowl to keep leftovers fresh

The 3 Combo Pack contains:

1 Small Beeswax Wrap – 20cm x 20cm

Ideal for covering jars, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh

1 Medium Beeswax Wrap – 30cm x 30cm

Great for wrapping your sandwiches or leftovers

1 Large Beeswax Wrap – 40cm x 40cm

Much larger wrap for keeping bread fresh and larger containers



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