Spiced Loaf Cake Recipe ( Sweet Blend)

This delicious cake was created by food blogger/ recipe creator, whatjessicabakednext. It uses our Sweet Spice Blend, creating a tasty and simple cake recipe.  Head over to her blog for her range of recipes. Serves 10-12) Ingredients: 180g butter (salted … Read More

Sweet Spice Waffle Recipe

Take your waffles to the next level by adding our sweet spice blend. Great to make in batches and freeze for a delicious breakfast or simple snack options.  Makes approx 36 sticks Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes … Read More

Flapjacks Recipe – Sweet Spice Blend

Spice up your flapjacks with our Award winning Sweet Spice. This recipe is great to make with the kids and is a simple snack to make ahead for the whole week. Makes approximately 10 portions Prep Time: 10 minutes Bake … Read More

Tasty Spiced Banana Loaf Recipe (Sweet Blend)

Tasty Spiced Banana Loaf Recipe (Sweet Blend) Looking to use up some over ripe bananas? Try this quick, delicious banana loaf recipe with our sweet blend to add hints of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose petals and more. Serves 10 Prep … Read More

Spiced Biscuit Recipe

Sweet Spiced Biscuit Recipe Spiced Biscuit Recipe. A delicious spiced biscuit using our unique sweet spice blend, with a sweetness from cinnamon hints of nutmeg, mace, cardamom, rose petals and more. Servings: Approximately 50 medium sized biscuits Prep Time: 30 … Read More

Spiced Overnight Oats Recipe ( Sweet Blend)

Healthy Overnight Oats( Sweet Spice Blend) Overnight Oats Recipe Our healthy, protein packed breakfast with a subtle spice twist using our unique sweet blend. Quick and easy to prepare the night before. This is a great post workout meal, totally … Read More

Spiced Loaf Cake Recipe (using Sweet Blend)

Spiced Loaf Cake Recipe Using our signature sweet spice blend to create a tasty spiced loaf cake. With flavours from Middle Eastern baking it is a great alternative to an standard load cake. Great with a cuppa! Serves 8 Slices … Read More

Apple Pie Recipe (Sweet Treat Blend)

Apple Pie Recipe (Sweet Treat Blend) A twist on a classic apple pie with warming spice flavours, utilising our Sweet Treat Spice Blend. Natural, fresh spices without sugars to flavour your puddings. Serves 4 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time … Read More

Masala Biscuit Recipe (Garam Masala Blend)

Masala Biscuit Recipe A simple recipe to make delicious biscuits with a twist. Utilising our Garam Masala Blend for a unique flavour. This creates a biscuit that has some sweetness but also a slightly savoury taste. INGREDIENTS 115g Salted Butter- … Read More

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