Festive Spice Blend & other Sweet Spices
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Introducing our Festive spice blend! We’re excited to announce the launch of our Limited Edition Festive spice blend, the perfect way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your life, it makes delicious Mulled Wine.  This blend is made … Read More

Spiced Loaf Cake Recipe ( Sweet Blend)
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This delicious cake was created by food blogger/ recipe creator, whatjessicabakednext. It uses our Sweet Spice Blend, creating a tasty and simple cake recipe.  Head over to her blog for her range of recipes. Serves 10-12) Ingredients: 180g butter (salted … Read More

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew Recipe ( Ras El Hanout & Dukkah)
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This gorgeous recipe was created by recipe creator Lucy Parker, using our award winning Ras el hanout and crunchy Dukkah spice blends. Check out her range of recipes including her amazing Shakshouka recipe using our spices. Prep Time: 10 minutes … Read More

Festive Fudge Recipe (Sweet Blend or Sweet Treat Blend)
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Festive Fudge Recipe Looking for new unique recipes? Involve the kids in making this simple, delicious festive fudge with our sweet or Sweet Treat blend. Perfect treat and great stocking filler! Why not make a batch of each flavour to … Read More

Sweet Spice Blend

Our award winning Sweet Spice Blend offers a unique take on a mixed spice. We have your traditional mixed spiced ingredients, with the addition of rose petals, mace, a little brown sugar and allspice berries, creating a versatile Middle Eastern mixed spice.

This will give your baking and cooking a totally different flavour.

Order dispatched within one working day, delivery up to three working days

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Using our spice blends for various recipes.
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Recipe Ideas We will be showcasing many different ways to use our blends like this great way to use the Sweet Treat as part of a quick and easy spiced apple and sultana pie. We’ve left it open top to … Read More

Sweet Treat Spice Blend

Sweet Treat offers something very simple, yet very different. Taking fresh spices and blending them to create a warming blend. No sugars for a sweet cheat option adding flavour to yoghurt, spicing up sweet pies or making spiced ice cream

Can also be used in porridge and rice pudding

Comes in 25g Pouch providing 2 people around 3 servings

Order dispatched within one working day, delivery up to three working days… Read More


Use our search function or categories to browse over 100 free recipes. We offer a range of tasty recipes with a focus on simple, healthy meals to enjoy at home. Also all blends have multiple recipes. Subscribe to our mailing … Read More

How to use spices for a healthy life
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We have been specialising in spices for years and have built up a wealth of knowledge from our travels, research and working with others. Spices have been used for centuries to add flavour and aroma to food, but they also … Read More

BBQ Spice Selection Gift Box & Herb Seedball Kit

BBQ Spice Selection Gift Box is a BBQ lovers dream with 5 vibrant spice blends to create amazing marinades and rubs for a range of meat, fish and vegetables. Containing 5 unique blends with a range of delicious recipes online. The gift box includes two recipe cards to get you started on making delicious meals and you can find many more recipes online.

We have paired this gift box with the Herb Seedball Kit. Grow your own fresh herbs with their amazing seedballs and use them with our freshly ground spices and spice blends.

The focus is on simple, healthy meals packed with fresh vibrant spices.

Check out our recipe page and feel free to create your own dishes and share with us.

Our BBQ Selection Gift Box includes:

  • BBQ Spice Blend
  • Tandoori Inspired Blend
  • Spiced Burger 
  • Ras El Hanout
  • Jerk Spice Blend

Comes in 25g Pouch, providing 2 people around 3 servings

Order dispatched within one working day, delivery up to three working days


Each seed ball contains approximately 10 seeds from a mix of Basil, Dill, Parsley, Chives and Sweet Marjoram, which can be grown on a sunny spot on a kitchen windowsill inside (be sure to keep well-watered) or in a garden bed or pot outdoors.

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