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Spice up your Pancakes!

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We all love orange and sugar, lemon and sugar and syrups. 
But why not experiment this pancake day with some fresh spices from us!

We’ve created 4 different pancakes. 

  • Apple and Cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon Pancake

  • Pear, Strawberry and our Sweet Spice Blend

Strawberry & Pear Pancake

  • Banana, Caramel sauce and Cinnamon

Banana Pancake

  • Orange, Spiced Ice Cream Blend and Chocolate Sauce

Spiced Chocolate Pancake

Why not pick up our Bakers Spice set using the link below and we’ll throw in a free pack of Cinnamon. This will be valid until February 12th 2018. 

My Bakers Spice Tin

You can buy all blends individually if you just want to try one.



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