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What we’ve been up to- Product Development

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It’s been great getting our products out to customers via online, food markets and retail shops. We have been able to launch 11 blends and 6 individual spices. Our focus going forward is to ensure the same quality for our new products, with this in mind we have been busy working on our new blends. 

This involves initial ideas, what we are aiming for with the blend and recipe and then testing and developing the flavours to ensure they work together. We hope to launch 2 new blends in the next month, so keep an eye out on social media and on the site. These will be very unique blends, hopefully unlike anything you can get on the market at present. 

To ensure we keep delivering the best quality we are also going to look into seasonal blends, at present we have our BBQ range which can probably be used all year round, but we are planning on having some winter blends focused on stews and hearty dishes. We welcome ideas and suggestions for what people would like to see, so drop us an email with any thoughts. 

We have also been working with the Primary Gardens in Nottingham, currently drying out some of their great herbs to see how they will work in some of our seasonal blends so hopefully we be utilising them in the near future. 

If you want to find out more or try some of our current range, we will be at Beeston Food Market on the 20th August, or you can buy from the site – we have free delivery and its a great way to plan your dinners for the week.

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