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Why pick our spices?

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Fresh Spices

Like all products, there are many varieties and options to choose from. We often get asked what makes our spices different from standard supermarket spices.

Quite simply we offer a much fresher, more natural product. Many bulk bought spices have taken several months from point of grinding, shipping, going into a warehouse and then eventually onto the shop floor. So most customers are having a ground spice thats probably 6 months old.

Ours are ground regularly so you are getting the freshest product possible, plus we package ours in airtight bags and resealable, where no light can get in.

This is important as most shop bought spices are in glass jars or transparent bags. The three things that effect spice are heat, air and light.

We spend time sourcing high quality spices to ensure our blends are consistent and meet our quality standards. We also toast all of our spices to release aroma and enhance the flavour.

It is important to us that customers get the best quality, you don’t want to spend money on expensive meat and vegetables and then put old, low quality spices on them.

To top it off we have a wide range of recipes for all our blends and are always building the collection.

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