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Spice Shaker

This stainless steel shaker is ideal for sprinkling your favourite spice blend over meat, vegetables, fish etc. It has 3 different openings to offer varying amounts of spice being dispensed.

Measurements: H: 9.5 cm x W: 5.2cm

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Spice Shaker and Spice Blend
Spice Shaker + Spice Blend

This Spice Shaker + Spice Blend set comes with our Stainless Steel Spice Shaker and your chosen favourite Spice Blend.

Simply unscrew the li, pop in your spice and away you go. Comes with 3 different dispensing amounts by twisting the top of the lid.

Pick a spice blend from the drop down list.

Sold in 25g Pouches, approximately 6-8 individual servings

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