Preparing our spice blends….

Preparing our spice blends takes time and care. We select the best quality ingredients for each blend, toasting them slightly to release different levels of flavour. They are then left to cool a little before being ground.  We grind our … Read More

20% off!

Thinking of trying our spice blends? Tried them, like them and want more? Regular buyer? We’ve got a special offer to help you out. 20% off any order of £10 and over!  Use code 20SPICE at checkout and 20% discount … Read More

Freshly Spiced at Beeston Food Market

Freshly Spiced at Beeston Farmers Market We had a great day at Beestons Food Market on Saturday. Unfortunately I could not be there but Claire and my cousin Adam did a great job showcasing the products. We received lots of … Read More