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Spicy Vegan Burger Recipe

Spicy Vegan Burger Recipe

Spicy Vegan Bean Burger

A really simple Vegan burger, packed with flavour. A great source of protein! This Vegan Burger can form the base to make Falafel as well.
Serves 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes


One tin of chickpeas 400g
A tin of black beans 400g
1 red onion
A small handful of fresh coriander
1 carrot
1-1 1/2 tsp Vegan Burger Blend. More will increase the heat level.
1 tbsp olive oil for cooking
Burger buns and condiments to serve

Take all the burger ingredients and put them into a food processor, blitz together, don’t over blitz as you want some texture. If you do not have a blender you can mash the drained beans and grater the onion and carrot, then mix all together. You want it texturised and not smooth as it wont bind.
At this point you can transfer the mixture into a bowl, do any further mixing with your hands and then shape the mixture into 4 burger patties
They can be cooked either under the grill on a high heat for 10 mins (until cooked through), or as I like to do them, in a griddle pan with a little olive oil. This should take around 10 mins and will need a couple of turns to prevent sticking or burning.
Serve with your choice of condiment in a burger bun

Great with a fresh salad

If you want more heat, just had another tsp of vegan burger blend

Also if not following a vegan diet, it works great with an egg on top!

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  1. Kim L

    This is nice recipe! I found my mixture was a little too wet after blending so I added some freshly made wholemeal breadcrumbs and it worked well. Had some of these burgers for lunch yesterday, delicious. I am trying freezing a couple separated with grease proof paper.

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