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Spreading the word, plus new events

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Park Neighbours

As well as sending out our usual online orders, working with our stockists for supplies, this week we have been working with a local organisation to promote healthy eating through the use of spices and spice blends.

Today I gave a talk on how to use spices to flavour dishes, how our blends can be used in various ways and the importance of using fresh ingredients.

We spoke about food planning, toasting spices and ensuring you do not burn spices when putting into hot pans. I also gave out food and drink samples of my chilli and spiced hot drink in coffee. These went down really well and will be looking to develop this sort of group work going forward

And to finish the week we will be at the Park Market on Sunday 30th October from 11-3pm, come along to get a full range of our spice blends and utilise them as part of our recipe kits

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