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Why not try our subscription service!

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.Try our spice subscription option.

Subscribing to our 2 monthly spice deliveries is a great way to plan your food.

Follow a set diet and have variety and flavour in all your meals. 

Our subscriptions start from £7 for 4x 25g spice blends.

4 packs offers at least 16 individual meals by following our recipes. 

Subscribing allows less hassle with spices delivered straight to your door. Recipes are online allowing accessing at any time. Why every 2 months? We don’t want you to end up with loads in your cupboards, just use fresh spices regularly. 

Plus it means its not a monthly cost, and for just over £40 a year you would have a range of natural spice blends delivered to your door. 

We encourage meal planning and many of our blends have multiple recipes to choose from.

You can choose to stick with the same packs each time, change it up or even let us surprise you with our favourites!

4 Blend Variety Pack Subscription (Every 2 months)

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