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BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe (BBQ Rub blend)

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BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

BBQ Pulled Pork

A great dish for BBQ, loads of flavour and an ideal way to  serve large groups.

Serves 12
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 5 Hours

2.5KG Pork Shoulder (ideally with bone in and skin on)
4 tsp BBQ Spice Rub you may want more if you like a bit more heat (usually one full 25g pack is sufficient)
Brioche Buns x12
Apple juice


If your pork shoulder has a lot of fat you can trim a little off but leave some with the skin for crackling
Cover the pork shoulder with the BBQ Spice rub and rub in well
Leave to marinate for 3 hours
Heat the oven to 150C
Put the Pork in a large roasting tray, add a little water in the base to keep it moist and then cover with foil
Cook for 4 hours
Baste every hour with a little apple juice
If you plan to finish this on the BBQ, transfer over to a hot BBQ at the 4 hour stage for 30-40mins, do not put it on too high a heat as it will dry out
Not using a BBQ, leave it in the oven for the remaining 30-40mins.
Use two forks and shred the pork, the crackling should pull off easily. Discard any fat

Serve in the brioche buns with your choice of BBQ sauce

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