My Spiced Ice Cream Blend


My spiced ice cream offers something very simple, yet very different. Taking fresh spices and blending them to create a warming blend. 

Can also be used in porridge, rice pudding or to make a tasty apple pie (recipe on the site)

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You just need to add it to good quality custard or yogurt and then freeze for at least 3 hours and you have your own spiced ice cream. Much more natural than standard ice cream and layered with warming spice flavours. 

Ingredients: mix of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise

For full recipe check out: Spiced Ice Cream Recipe

Or Try our tasty Spiced Apple Pie: Spiced Apple Pie Recipe

Shelf life: Our spices are produced to be used immediately whilst really fresh, with this in mind we advise to use spices within 6 months, although the actual best before is closer to 1 year



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