Tasty Beef Tagine Recipe (Ras El Hanout Blend)

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A rich, tasty beef tagine using our Ras El Hanout spice blend to create layers of flavour. Perfect family meal and really easy to create. You can easily create this in a slow cooker. Serves 4 Prep Time: 20 minutes … Read More

Preparing our spice blends….

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Preparing our spice blends takes time and care. We select the best quality ingredients for each blend, toasting them slightly to release different levels of flavour. They are then left to cool a little before being ground.  We grind our … Read More

New Point of Sale!

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Point of Sale We’ve been working to get a suitable point of sale in place for our current and new stockists. With help from Midland Regional Printers we have now got a full point of sale unit. This has space … Read More


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Chicken Tray Bake Even though we have a wide range of spice blend recipe kits we are still keen to develop our range and recipe library. All of our spice blends are very versatile and you can create many different … Read More

Tandoori Video Recipe!

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Tandoori Recipe Our easy Tandoori recipe video is now live on Youtube, also in the product section of the Tandoori blend. Really simple to follow and offers a tasty balanced meal. The chicken can be changed for Quorn or Tofu … Read More

Recipe Videos now live!

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Youtube Channel Over the festive period we had a couple of days filming recipe videos, this was something we wanted to do for a while but were keen on getting the right quality and style. We’re very pleased with the … Read More