Spice up your Pancakes!

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We all love orange and sugar, lemon and sugar and syrups.  But why not experiment this pancake day with some fresh spices from us! We’ve created 4 different pancakes.  Apple and Cinnamon Pear, Strawberry and our Sweet Spice Blend Banana, … Read More

Festive Fudge Recipe (Sweet Blend or Sweet Treat Blend)

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Festive Fudge Recipe Looking for new unique recipes? Involve the kids in making this simple, delicious festive fudge with our sweet or Sweet Treat blend. Perfect treat and great stocking filler! Why not make a batch of each flavour to … Read More

Using our spice blends for various recipes.

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We will be showcasing many different ways to use our blends like this great way to use the spiced ice cream blend as part of a quick and easy spiced apple and sultana pie. We’ve left it open top to … Read More

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