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Smoothie Spice Blend and Re-useable Straw Set

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Smoothie Spice Blend is a great way to add some extra flavour to your smoothies. Packed with Mango powder, cinnamon, black pepper and cayenne for a little warmth. A little goes a long way. Check out our delicious and simple smoothie recipe. Combine this with some amazing re-useable straw sets from Jungle Culture, choose from Bamboo Straw set containing 6 straws and carry pouch or Stainless Steel Straw Set containing 4 Straws in its own carry pouch.

As always our blends are vegan friendly.

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Our Smoothie Spice Blend and Re-useable Straw Set is ideal to take your smoothies and juices to the next level.  Each set contains a 25g pouch of our freshly ground Smoothie Spice blend containing sweet Cinnamon, Mango powder, a little heat from Cayenne and warmth from Black Pepper. Pair the spice with either a set of 6 Bamboo Straws from Jungle Culture or a set of their amazing Stainless Steel Straws.

Spice Blend Ingredients:

Mango Powder, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cayenne 
may contain traces of mustard
packed on premises that handle cereals, nuts (peanuts) soya, sesame and products containing gluten

Smoothie Spice comes in 25g packs, this ensures you get a really fresh spice to use at it’s best. We don’t want these stored in your cupboard for many months. Pack offers approximately 8-10 smoothies depending on personal preference.

For the full recipe click here:

Smoothie Recipe

Check out our Youtube Channel for video recipes.

Shelf life: Our spices are produced to be used immediately whilst really fresh, with this in mind we advise to use spices within 6 months, although the actual best before is closer to 1 year

Bamboo Straws:

These reusable bamboo straws are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to plastic.

Made without any harmful pesticides or chemicals and completely organic.

We are offering 3 bamboo sets, each with its own Jungle Pouch which are hand sewn and made of natural jute. Pick from Sage, Berry or Marine in the drop down menu.

The jute bags are coloured using eco-friendly vegetable dye and they’re the perfect width for two straws and a cleaning brush.

This set includes 6 hand-crafted bamboo straws, 1 cleaning brush and 1 Jungle Pouch.


  1. 100% Organic & Biodegradable
  2. BPA Free – No chemicals or pesticides used to grow our bamboo
  3. Fully reusable hundreds, if not thousands of times
  4. Dishwasher Safe

Stainless Steel Straw Set

Your stainless steel straws are BPA free and made from FDA approved, food-grade stainless steel and come packaged in an organic bamboo case and natural jute straw sleeve.

They are lightweight, compact and portable, offering a more premium way to drink your beverages and a perfect set to go with our Smoothie Spice Blend.

The entire set is less than 5cm wide and fits comfortably into most handbags.

Each set includes 2 thick and 2 thin straws, making them perfect for milkshakes or smoothies, but also alcoholic drinks and juices.

Set Contains:
2 x Thick 8mm Stainless Steel Straws (1 x Rose Gold & 1 x Matt Black)
2 x Thin 6mm Stainless Steel Straws (1 x Rose Gold & 1 x Matt Black)
1 x Eco-friendly Straw Cleaning Brush
1 x Organic Bamboo Case
1 x Natural Jute Pouch


  1. Metal Straws – Made from Durable, Plated, FDA Approved Stainless Steel
  2. Reusable Straws – Infinitely Reusable
  3. Dishwasher Safe or Hand Washable Using the Cleaning Brush Provided
  4. Includes an Eco-Friendly Bamboo Case & Natural Jute Straw Sleeve

Caring for your Straws

Each set of Jungle Straws comes complete with a straw cleaning brush, designed to fit inside a stainless steel Jungle Straw.

To clean, use warm soapy water and gently push and pull the cleaning brush through the straw until all excess liquid is removed. Alternatively, your stainless steel straws are dishwasher safe

Additional information


25g bag-serves family of 4

Smoothie Spice Blend and Straw Set

Bamboo Straw Set with Marine Pouch, Bamboo Straw Set with Berry Pouch, Bamboo Straw Set with Sage Pouch, Stainless Steel Straw Set


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